Happy Super Lemon Skunk Totodile Day!

You Pokemon fans will know that today was January’s Community Day, and during my walking three hour quest to find a shiny Totodile (I found six) I was vaping Super Lemon Skunk.  It was a beautiful cold, cloudless day today and I’m not sure if it was because I was in motion and somewhat cold […]

I’m So Lucky!

My friend is giving up cannabis for awhile so she gave me her remaining stash so that she wouldn’t be tempted 🙂  From left to right are Mr. Moxey’s Mints (OMG from Washington, where they have stronger legal edibles than Oregon) Lemon Haze, Dogwalker, a full cartridge of Cherry Pie, and a vial of THC. […]

Look Who Sprouted.

I planted a Gorilla Glue seed and nothing happened, so I planted a Green Crack seed.  Two days later they BOTH come up.  I yanked the smaller one and kept the larger one.  I won’t know til further along in veg if it’s Gorilla Glue or Green Crack.  Both seeds were from this summer’s crop.  […]

My First Blog from the New Laptop / Sour Lemon Dream

Took today (Friday) off instead of New Year’s Eve because my new laptop arrived today!  I haven’t gotten a new one in many years so I’m having fun updating the software, preferences, etc. Today’s vape is Sour Lemon Dream, which I’ve had since late last summer. It’s good, and brings back good memories from the […]

The Last Day of Solitude

Today is December 26th and I’m back at work tomorrow.  I’ve been home sick since Saturday afternoon and finally feeling well enough to cautiously vape today, so I’m really enjoying vaping Purple Champagne again as I listen to house music on Mixcloud. I’ve been a bump on a log pretty much this whole time and […]