Update on the Plants 6/30/18

Top left is the female Mango clone that my friend gave me.  I did make a clone from this clone, bottom left, and it has adapted fine but I don’t suspect it will get very big since I’m just now planting it.  Gorilla Glue, top right, is the biggest and strongest.  I started it from […]

Strain Review: Yeti OG (Yet)

The $20 quarter special at the Gift Shop this Friday was Yeti Og, it’s what’s in my bong this Caturday, and it’s delightful! While it only tested at 16.60% THC, it got a whopping .87% CBD, which is high for regular flower.  It’s labeled a 70/30 indica and I would agree with this.  Love the body […]

The Family of Four!

Ta-Da!  In back is Gorilla Glue (sex unknown), Mango (cloned female), and the two in front are Green Crack (sex unknown).   Crossing my fingers for girls! This day, Fathers’ Day 2018, has been one of great relief.  Number one – my dad at almost 83 is still alive and well!  My “Daddy”, my Dominant Executive, […]

2 Bag Seed Green Cracks in Bigger Pots

I don’t know if these are boys or girls so here’s hoping!   I’m just thrilled they made it, given my bad luck lately, but the key was just letting them pop up naturally in the windowsill.  Live and learn.  They are now doing well under the warm lights, and I hope to have these two […]

Trying to Elevate my Mood a Little

It’s a rainy Sunday in June and I have the heat on today.  I feel “blah” and am trying to cheer myself up so I’m listening to some Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young on Pandora to take me back a few decades and these guys do put me in a stoner groove if you know […]