it all started last summer.

Last July marijuana was legalized in Oregon.   I had smoked pot before, sure, but in my 47 years I had maybe done it more than ten times but probably less than twenty.  I voted for it to be legalized but didn’t think that legalizing it would affect me much.

Last summer also marked the first summer of me putting a huge inflatable wading pool out on my patio.  It was ten feet long, six feet wide, and two feet tall, comfortably fitting 5 adults. With daytime temps hovering around 100 degrees for two solid weeks I was in that pool after work until bedtime, and most of my weekend was spent outside in my pool, happily sipping wine and watching tv shows on my laptop which I placed on a patio chair.  I had lots of pool parties too, and several of my guests brought over some herb.  Did I mind?  No, not at all, please, go right ahead… and can I have a hit while you’re at it?  Loved that it was legal and we didn’t have to hide it anymore.  I probably smoked pot around 6 times last summer, which for me was quite a bit!

Fast forward to this winter – my sister was staying at my house for a week and she gave me a large bud as a thank you.  I had to go to a head shop and buy a pipe because all I had was a beer can and that seemed tacky, not to mention toxic.  I was liking the herb my sister gave me, and it lasted lightweight me over a week (I had some every day).  When it was gone I missed it.  It had been nice coming home after a long day at work and relaxing in that special herb inducing way – and, unlike alcohol, no calories!

I live in the city and marijuana dispensaries are popping up all over like 7 Elevens.  I decided what the heck, I’m gonna buy some.  I was kind of embarrassed to go in because I knew next to nothing about marijuana and it still seemed forbidden somehow, like I was a teenager trying to sneak into a porn shop or liquor store.

The small building didn’t have any windows, making it seem even more mysterious and edgy.  In the waiting room I passed my i.d.  through a window like they have at the bank, and they checked my license.  All checked out, and she buzzed me in to the next room.

I walked up to the counter and told the woman it was my first time and that I would need some hand holding.  I wanted something like what my sister had given me – it didn’t put me to sleep or give me the munchies.  I told the woman that I wanted something that would make me happy, creative, giggly, no munchies, not make me sleepy, and that it had to smell good.

She said, “I know just the one for you – and we’re having a special on it now.  It’s called Me Off Kush”.   She opened a large jar, shined a pen light in it so I could look, and then I smelled it.

I’m very much an olfactory person and scent is very important to me.  The Me Off Kush smelled WONDERFUL, like frosty limes – better than any pot I’d ever smelled in my life, including what my sister had given me!  I said I would take some.  She had to show me how much a gram was and how much an eighth was, as I had no conception of how much volume that was.  I decided on the eighth, which was a small handful, maybe seven large buds’ worth?  It cost $39 and given my rate of consumption, would last me at least 2 months.

They gave the weed to me in a bright pink pill bottle with an Rx looking label, which made me chuckle.  The label is great though, its lists the name of the strain and the THC percent,  the date purchased, and other pertinent information.

I could not *wait* to get home and try some!   It smelled so good, and true to the budtender’s word it did not make me sleepy or give me pronounced munchies.  It did make me a bit spacey and forgetful, and that made me laugh 🙂 I stayed up too late that night coloring under a happy influence, and that is how it all began.

I liked it so much I started reading up on marijuana, and learned there were two kinds:  the sativa, or daytime use kind that was the Me Off Kush, and indica, the kind that makes you sleepy.   I have trouble sleeping on Sunday nights, and that was my justification for going back to the dispensary and buying another eighth.  This time I got Blue Chunk, which smells DELICIOUS, like blueberry cheesecake!   This one does give me the munchies.   Between the two strains I have enough to last me several months.  So you’d think that would be the end of my story…



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