I come from a long lineage of gardeners, and everyone in my family is a green thumb.  My cubicle at work is a mini rain forest, and at home every room other than the windowless bathrooms have plants.  I have a couple of friends who grew marijuana outside last year, and it turns out that for personal use the 4 legal plants are more than enough to last your household and your friends’ households for a long time.

I found Southern Oregon Seeds online, and decided upon the Tangerine Dream strain because it’s predominantly a sativa and smells like tangerines.  They weren’t cheap – $50 for 5 feminized seeds  with $3.99 shipping and handling, but they threw in another packet of 5 feminized seeds for free, and I was delighted to see it was Southern Oregon Blueberry, an indica similar to the Blue Chunk that I have.  In the end, it was $5.00 per seed.  Each eighth I bought at the dispensary was around $40, so even a small harvest will put me way ahead, plus it’s FUN growing your own plants – of any kind!

I’m finding conflicting information online as to when to plant the seeds.  Some sources say now, February, and other sources say April.  I’m guessing this is because some people plant the seeds directly into the ground outside, and others like me will start them inside first and then move them outside later.  I will do more research this evening, but would love to plant at least one seed indoors this weekend!





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