trial plant, day 1

I’m still reading up on growing marijuana and am not totally sure when I’m supposed to start this process.  Since some sources say start in February, I decided to start a trial plant today and see what happens. I have ten seeds and only four plants are legal so I figure I have six backups if something goes wrong.  I’ve seen videos where people put the seeds on a wet paper towel or cotton bed for a few days until a taproot forms, but I just planted one of the Southern Oregon Blueberry seeds, “Azure”, like I would in any other seed – about an inch under half Miracle Gro potting soil and half soil from a pot I had outside (this is supposedly a no-no because it could have insects/pests but I’m willing to take this gamble).  I put Azure under the halogen lights I have in my kitchen, which should keep her both warm and in artificial sunshine.

Time for the ole Waiting Game.  I will monitor the soil daily and water as needed depending on how the soil feels.  Praying that within a week or two I will see Azure sprout up!   If she grows as planned, I will move forward with two of the Tangerine Dream seeds and one other Southern Oregon Blueberry seed, for two sativa plants and two indica plants.  If only one of the four ultimately makes it to harvest time, I will still have enough weed to last me and a friend or two til next year at this time and to make a batch of cannabutter.




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