it was definitely wishful thinking

I’m pretty sure that green spot is just part of the soil 🙂   I’ve got around a week before I see anything happen, I reckon.

Today I read a few articles on curing the marijuana once it’s harvested.  I had no idea that for optimum scent and THC that you “cure” the weed throughout the drying process, all the while being sure your plants don’t get moldy.  I thought you just hung it upside down and that was it. Fascinating!  I will totally go by the book on this part, because I want my weed smelling potent and pungent like the two I bought from the dispensary!

Knowing when to harvest is also an art form, it sounds like.  You need a jeweler’s loupe in order to see when the buds are at the pinnacle of their resin production.  I’m glad that I will have 4 plants and lots to experiment and work with!

I will be over the moon if even one plant makes it all the way to harvest time.  I’m not growing pot to save money so much; given all the time and work that goes into it, it’s so much easier to just buy the final product and keep sampling different strains.  $40 of dispensary weed lasts me WAY longer than $40 of microbrews and wine!

The sense of achievement in having done it myself and to be able to give it (and therefore, enjoyment) to friends is priceless.



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