Day 7: Nada

It is the morning of Day 7, and… nada.   I don’t want to rush Mother Nature but I’m dying to see something sprout!  Hopefully over the three day weekend!

I’m not using any special lights.  Azure is lying under the halogen lights in my kitchen, which also keeps her warm but not too hot.  I don’t intend on buying any fancy lights or equipment because in April my plants are going outside, and I’m just a new hobbyist who enchanted with the idea of growing her own party, nothing big scale or serious.  I find myself looking at photos of budding cannabis plants online and drooling over them as if it were porn, aching to smell their pungent flavor, to touch their sticky resin..mmm…

This weekend Azure’s three sisters will be placed into pots too and start via the same process (in Oregon we are legally allowed 4 plants and even one plant will yield more than enough for my needs and will make for excellent Christmas and birthday presents.   The other Southern Oregon Blueberry seed will be named Indigo, and the two Tangerine Dream plants will be Mistress Citrus and Tangerina.

If for some reason none of them sprout in their pots I will just wait until April and plant the seeds outside into the soil directly.  I have 10 seeds total to play with.   I am normally very good with plants, both indoor and outdoor, and come on, this is a WEED.  A highly specialized weed, sure, but a weed all the same.  It can’t be THAT difficult.  It’s just a matter of being patient.   Once I see Azure and her sisters break through the soil I will be SO HAPPY, and it’s all the encouragement I will need to take me through the rest of the process, unless of course there’s some sort of bug or pest that likes my pretty plants too, but I can’t think that far ahead right now.


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