if at first you don’t succ-SEED..

try try again.

I dug around the soil a bit this morning looking for Azure and didn’t see anything at all, not a seed, not a taproot, nothing. I decided to start over and not plant as deep this time – after reading around some more I think that is what I did wrong.

I planted Indigo and Tangerina this morning – one Southern Oregon Blueberry seed and one Tangerine Dream seed and this time only buried them at around half an inch.  Time to play the waiting game again!   It will be interesting to see which of the two come up first, the sativa or the indica.

It’s Saturday and I’m enjoying a little wake and bake while coloring a design in one of my Mehndi adult coloring books    I’m a new stoner and still exploring the effects of cannabis.  When I’m high I’m more apt to try something new with my coloring, not be hard on myself if it doesn’t look perfect, and am more playful with the process.  I become more intimate with Colors.   Today I’m working with Valentine colors since tomorrow is the day for lovers.  No boyfriend here, but enjoy celebrating in other ways 🙂  Here is the work in progress:


Hope Everyone has a wonderful long Presidents’ Day weekend!




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