beyond excited!

So on Saturday morning I started over and planted one Tangerine Dream seed and one Southern Oregon Blueberry seed since Southern Oregon Blueberry #1 didn’t sprout.

When I got home from work tonite I checked on the seedlings, and lo and behold on day 4 there stood Tangerina!


At the moment she just looks like an alfalfa sprout – but to me she is a dashing orange dressed salsa dancer with pungent tangerine/citrussy smelling perfume rendering creativity and peaceful happiness medicine.  I am sooooo stoked!  My first seedling!  I put the seeds directly in to the soil; I didn’t use the paper towel in the dark method that most seem to do.

Praying she will make it all the way to harvest!  In Oregon we are allowed to grow 4 plants per residence, so my goal is to end up with two Tangerine Dreams and two Southern Oregon Blueberries, though if only one plant makes it that will be bountiful too.  Hoping the blueberry comes up in the next day or two and isn’t a dud like the other one was!

I hope I don’t bore everyone with daily pot selfies!



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