Tangerina, Day 3 + a 3rd attempt at growing Southern Oregon Blueberry


Day 3 and Tangerina, my someday citrussy sativa, is already growing her first serrated leaves!   Meanwhile, no sign of the blueberry indica in the other pot.  I’m beginning to wonder if this free pack of seeds contained a bunch of duds and that’s why they were free with my purchase?  So far the first 2 of 5 have gone nowhere.  I decided to keep attempt #2 in her same pot and keep watering as needed in case she simply needs more time, but did plant a 3rd blueberry indica tonite and am really hoping something comes up next week!

I’m toking on Blue Chunk tonite, which is also a blueberry scented indica.  I really like the sensation of this one and would be so delighted if my first grow had something that at least smelled as wonderful as this.

During today’s commute I read quite a bit on topping and tying down the plants during the vegetative stage to keep them shorter and also to yield more colas.  I worry that my babies will get stolen from my back patio once they start becoming more and more odoriferous, given the neighborhood I live in.  I can’t worry too much, but it did get me thinking that perhaps I will grow 2 of my 4 legal plants in my second bathroom!  Seeing how bountiful some of these potted indoor plants were online has prompted me to rethink my Plan.  Two indoors and two outdoors should increase my chances of having a year’s supply of pot to harvest, right?

It is so fun to daydream about!





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