Tangerina, Day 7 + Mistress Citrus, Day 1

Another milestone!  Plant 2, another Tangerine Dream, sprouted this morning!  Welcome to the world Mistress Citrus!   On the right is Tangerina, Day 7, with her 2 new serrated leaves stretching toward the light.

I am always learning.  Today I learned that I needed to move Tangerina up closer to the light lest she become a “spaghetti seedling”, which I’m afraid she already is.  Oh well, it will be fine, and now Mistress Citrus will grow up without a spaghetti figure and I can compare the two.

Neither blueberry seed has surfaced yet.  Not sure if this is just me being new and not going the paper towel route or if these “free” seeds with purchase were all duds.  Both Tangerine Dreams sprouted up just fine, though I keep reading in online forums that several growers have had a lot of trouble with this strain.  I am so naive and ignorant when it comes to growing ganja, but I am a green thumb with other plants, inside and outside, and just can’t imagine that it’s that difficult.  Yes, you need to eyeball your plants daily, yes it will involve a lot of trimming and tying and some transplanting, but I feel if I just use my fish aquarium water for fertilizer later on in the veg and in the flowering stages then I should be fine.  The two biggest obstacles I foresee at this point are 1) thieves and 2) pests.

Oh, and also neighbors.  I really hope I won’t stink them out.  The only neighbors I care about do smoke pot so I will offer them lots of free weed for their trouble and hope they’ll be cool with that. Who knows, maybe they will enjoy the citrussy skunky smell of good times!

I do live in a formerly dicey but now becoming trendy neighborhood.  There are meth addicts tweaking up and down the street from time to time, though this used to be a daily and all too common experience.  I do worry that someone will smell my backyard weed from the street, walk in back to my patio, and steal my plants.  I’ve had bowling balls stolen from yard before, so I wouldn’t be surprised if my prized beauties get stolen at some point.  I can’t live my life in fear of getting robbed, though I might grow one of my four legal plants inside as a backup.  I’ll worry about all this later.

For now my focus is on getting these girls to a deep green and healthy veg state. I would so love it if the blueberry seeds also sprouted!  I like a variety.




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