I decapitated Mistress Citrus

I have no idea how it happened but I cut off Mistress Citrus’ head 😦  I pulled out her sprout and put a new seed in the pot.  Still no sign of the Southern Oregon Blueberry sprouts.  I may only have a crop of Tangerine Dream this year, and would that be so bad?  Nah.  I will be grateful if any of them make it to a sturdy veg state and survive thieves and pests.

A trip to Home Depot procured me with some Dr. Earth soil, tomato cages, plant ties, and rooting powder for my new hobby.  I just think it would be SO COOL to be able to smoke something that I grew myself without any fancy lights or equipment.  Just my kitchen cabinet hallogens and Mother Nature.

I bought the rooting powder because I’ve seen so much about cloning.  Why not?


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