Strain Review: Mango (Mgo)

I saw on Facebook that Glisan Buds had a fresh drop of Mango.  I could tell by the description that I had to try some!  I’m a newbie and so far have only bought strains that smell good.  This is important to me. One thing that stood out for me is that it supposedly helps with inflammation, and I have this wonky knee at the moment…

True to its name, Mango smells like mango!  The budtender shined a light into the jar and the buds were thickly coated with white crystals.  The smell had a PoW! and I knew I was going to bring some home.

I took a hit as soon as I got settled in at home and on the way in the smoked tasted fruity.  The odd thing is the exhale did not taste fruity; in fact it tasted stinky, a bit like a paper mill.  This can be forgiven, because the high is wonderful.  It’s an indica and delivers quite the body high.  My body feels content, relaxed, and heavy.  The high developed quickly and lasted longer than the other strains I’ve been using lately.

I could using this to help sleep for sure, but most of all I just feel REALLY relaxed, more so than the other two strains I’ve tried. I give it “high” marks!





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