Strain Review: Me Off Kush (J1)

It dawned on me that I would like to remember my experiences with all the various strains I’ve tried, and who knows, maybe my reviews will be of interest to others.

The first strain I ever bought was Me Off Kush, which is a sativa.  I chose that one because it smelled very nice, like frosty limes.  This one is an upper, and I love that it doesn’t give me the munchies. I do notice that this one makes me forgetful, like I walk into a room and forgot why I went in there.  My thoughts wander off and then I giggle when I realize it.  I smoke this one on the weekends mostly for fun up energy throughout the day.  When I sit down to color in my adult coloring books the high does seem to foster creativity and I’m more “go with the flow” in the art process and much less critical of my mistakes along the way.

In spite of becoming forgetful and easily distracted, this high brings a sharp mental focus and a clear-headed buzz at the same time.  It’s another thing that makes me giggle when I smoke it!





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