Better the Second Time Around

Here are Tangerina (left, née February 16th) and Mistress Citrus (right, née February 23rd).   They are one week apart in age, and obviously I did something better the second time around because the younger one looks much better than the older one. 

side by side

When Tangerina sprouted her leaves she was over a foot away from the light source, which caused her to grow more upward than outward.  Once I realized my mistake I did raise her up and right away I could see a difference in how she was growing.  I think I over watered her though because her leaves are a little yellow, so I’ve decided to wait a few days before watering her again.

Mistress Citrus sprouted up near the light and with less water.  I planted my very last Southern Oregon Blueberry seed this morning and am PRAYING this last one is a success.  It was the free pack included with my purchase, but still…. I deserve at least one of them to come up!

In looking at these two babies, I’m almost questioning if Mistress Citrus isn’t actually Azure.. did I put one of blueberry indica seeds here?  I don’t think so, but Tangerina’s leaves look more sativa like, and Mistress Citrus’ leaves are fatter, more indica like.  Hmm..

I think what I will do now is take clones from these ladies later on and save my last two Tangerine Dream seeds for next year.  Is is nuts that I’m already excited about picking out a new strain for next year?  It is nuts, believe me, as this process from start to finish seriously is gonna take seven months or more from planting to harvest.  And then after that is curing, which will require more work in the two months or so to come.  So really, the outdoor cannabis gardener only gets about two months’ break til the process starts all over again!

I will be really happy and more confident once these ladies start filling out and don’t look so delicate.  Still the fact that they are here at all makes me extremely happy 🙂


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