My First Bong

I decided to buy a bong today. I really like both pipes I have (one for sativa, one for indica) and enjoy tasting the herb on the inhale, but I can tell it’s burning my lungs.  I’m prone to pulmonary ailments, so I thought going the bong route would be more gentle.  I found one I liked for $35, glass blown locally.

So here is my cannabis altar:

As soon as I got home I filled up my new orange beaker with water and put some Me Off Kush (sativa) in the bowl.  I took one long hit, and WoW!  The effects hit right away and I got more high than I would after maybe even three hits from the pipe.  If anything else, this will be more economical.

I like my pipes though in that they have a pouch for a bud in reserve as well as the bud in the bowl so they are the perfect size to put in my purse and take with me.




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