I ordered a jeweler’s loupe


Mistress Citrus is growing like a weed, and meanwhile Tangerina seriously looks like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.  I think I over watered her.  I will cease watering her and pray she perks up.

I potted the last Southern Oregon Blueberry seed and I promise I will be patient for this last one, seeing as I wasn’t with the other four and failed with those!  Either that, or they were duds to begin with (they were the free ones I got with my purchase).  I have two Tangerine Dream seeds left, but at this point I think I may just stick with these three plants,  hope that at least Mistress Citrus makes it, and as she grows fast outside I will make clones of her as backups in case someone steals her.  Of course if the blueberry seed doesn’t sprout and Tangerina dies I will plant the last two seeds.  Next year I will want to start with different seeds anyway.

I will know so much more in a month from now!   If I don’t mess anything up Mistress Citrus should be starting to have a few branches and some real marijuana leaves!  She should be less delicate and the next big phase will be planting her outside.  I will be such a proud momma if we get to this stage!

On a marijuana forum there was a link to a cheap jeweler’s loupe that I ordered.  You can say I am determined to make it to the end!


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