Mistress Citrus Day 17 + Naranja

Mistress Citrus looks so good to me!   Here she is at day 17:


Because Tangerina still looks weak and sickly, I planted Tangerine Dream seed #4 and am calling her Naranja.  It boggles my mind that all of these tangerine seeds sprout up around day 3 and then the Southern Oregon Blueberry seeds haven’t sprouted at ALL.  I am crossing my fingers during this last attempt but am not counting on new life, so I imagine I will plant the last Tangerine Dream seed next week if I don’t see any sign of the blueberry popping up.

It’s Friday and I’m chilling with some Me Off Kush and wine.  A friend of mine went to the dispensary and bought me some medibles since he has a card.  I haven’t had any before and am excited to try one Sunday morning!  I’d do it tomorrow but I’m doing a 10K with a friend and don’t want to get all spacey on her!

I will review the medibles as I have the strains I’ve tried.

Hope everyone has a super weekend!


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