initial thoughts on medibles

Okay, so after my second medible experience ever I gotta say I’m  not as gung ho to be able to buy these as I was before.  In Oregon we will be able to buy these recreationally at dispensaries sometime between June and September.

When I get home from work I can take a bong hit and feel high almost instantly, and it keeps getting better for awhile.  With the edibles it’s great that you don’t have to hurt your lungs to get high, but the two hour delay and unpredictability of potency (for me) make it less practical for me.

The next time I try a medible  may be when I’m out and about downtown and can’t smoke in public. I can discreetly eat a piece of candy and enjoy the experience as it unfolds.  However, I will need to test it on a weekend first to make sure I don’t experience any ill effects.



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