Medible Review: Mountaintop Tropical Blast Taffy

This cannabis candy was sweet and delicious!  When I was done eating it I wanted to devour more regular taffy in this flavor.

As with all medibles for me, the high didn’t start creeping in until a couple of hours later. I can’t objectively judge this one today because I had had an unnamed medible 2 hours before that and didn’t feel much, so then I had this one.  I’m not sure if medible #1 caught up with the Tropical Blast Taffy and I had a double dose, but I could feel that I needed to lay down about 2 hours after eating it.

Sure enough, in bed my thoughts were racing at an alarming rate and I almost got a bit panicky. It was like one of those flip books where the comic moves with the fast rate of flipping pages only each page was a separate thought and not part of a bigger picture or story.  It was not a fun high, and I take full responsibility for it.  “Mind over matter”,  I told myself over and over.  I decided to focus on my breath, 4 long counts on the inhale and 4 on the exhale, and I think that helped.  I eventually fell asleep an hour or more later.

Conclusion: there’s no doubt to the potency and efficacy of this candy and I would love to buy this someday and see how it affects me with that being the only cannabis of the night (this was a gift from a friend with a medical card).  My general impression is that it’s a sativa high and better for daytime use than for relaxing.  As a candy it tasted great and I’m glad I’m not a parent because I can totally see kids loving the taste of it and becoming overstimulated on it, to put it mildly.



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