Day 23:Mistress Citrus + Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


I’m beginning to think that out of the 10 seeds I obtained only 2 plants max will make it to harvest.  The 5 free Southern Oregon Blueberry seeds never sprouted, but they were the pack I got free with purchase.  All 4 Tangerine Dream seeds, the ones I did buy, sprouted just fine, but I killed two of them in freak accidents, one of them is a runt and reminds me of Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree,  and I just planted the last seed today.  So of all 10 seeds I received, only 1 has made it and that is Mistress Citrus. Here she is at Day 23, no special lights, just the kitchen halogen lights that are under the kitchen cupboards:

I’m very pleased with how she is doing.  If just one of these plants makes it it will be more than worth it and will supply me with medicine for a long time.   I do plan on cloning once they are outside growing gangbusters, and it will be nice to have backups inside in case someone steals my outside plant(s).  Also, I’m on a Facebook group where people trade clone with one another.  I think it would be great fun to obtain new strains this way.  We’ll see!   One stage at a time.   I’m very proud to say that Mistress Citrus is officially in Veg!


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