Strain Review: Girl Scout Cookies (Gsc)

I finally went to my neighborhood dispensary for the first time; my other visits were to dispensaries in other neighborhoods.  Everyone at the Oregon Grown Gift Shop was super nice and I love that at this dispensary there are small jars of everything on the menu so you can smell and open the sample jars at your leisure, you don’t have to ask the budtender to get it from the shelf and open it for you, etc.

They had a special on Blue Dream, a sativa dominant hybrid that smelled just as wonderful as the Blue Chunk indica dominant hybrid that I have, so I got 3 grams of that.   I also got 3.5 grams of Girl Scout Cookies, which is also a sativa dominant hybrid.  I had heard good things about it and was excited to try it after work, today on St. Patrick’s Day 2016!

I’m not sure why it’s called Girl Scout Cookies; what I bought smells like delicious pine and quickly packs a good punch at 24% THC.  I’m noticing it definitely makes me feel happy and ready to go, and my thoughts are racing a bit, but not in the uncomfortable way that medibles do.  I don’t feel this is a relaxing herb by any means but totally awesome for morning and daytime use!  Girl Scout Cookies induces productivity and smiles in me!  Happy and Energetic are words that sum up this herb for me.  Full props!


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