Day 26: Mistress Citrus+ First Attempt at Cloning

Mistress Citrus is growing big, strong, and fast.  YAY!!  I decided what the heck, let’s attempt a clone.  I snipped off  one of the two lower three pointed leaves/branches, stuck the end in water, then dipped her in rooting powder.   I placed her in wet soil and am sending all kinds of well wishes!

My current crop is: a sickly runt that I can’t bring myself to kill,  one healthy plant in veg, one seed that should sprout on Tuesday, and this first clone attempt.  If the clone should root and take off I will be over the moon!  I will eventually want to make several clones to have as backups in case someone steals my outside plants, or if some other tragedy should befall them.

I can’t tell you all how I daydream about succeeding on my first grow!  I also daydream about what I’d like to grow next year!  All the pretty buds look so yummy to me, I want to try them all!


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