It will be great when the girls can go outside

Okay folks, here’s the current situation:

1 weak plant, a runt (but alive)
2 clones that will probably die because they are just smaller leaves
1 last seed that should sprout today
1 strong, healthy plant

The strong, healthy plant (Mistress Citrus) is growing too close to the light, and there’s quite a bit of stem to it.   I was thinking of cutting the stem and cloning the full, beautiful top – and pray that it doesn’t die.  The lower part that is strongly rooted has two nice but small leaves that are growing new shoots from them.  I could get rid of excess stem in this process, and potentially have 2 strong plants… or not.  There’s a very real possibility this could be a big bust and I’d have to buy more seeds.

So far though every Tangerine Dream seed I’ve planted has sprouted, no problem; the failures have all been my fault.  I’m pissed that none of the Southern Oregon Blueberry seeds sprouted, and if I need to order more seeds and get these as the free pack again I will definitely use the paper towel method for those and see if that works better.  It probably does, I just like to do what Mother Nature would do and just put them in wet soil instead.

Because of the light and space situation I really look forward to when I can put the girls OUTSIDE where they will have unlimited space and natural light. Of course then I will get to worry about too much rain and infestations – if it’s not one thing, it’s another!

I daydream about some point in the future this summer when my 1-4 plants are in full veg, going on strong and starting to bud, all major hurdles jumped over.  THAT will be so freakin’ exciting!   I love how some of these cannabis plants get to be as tall as small trees!


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