Yes, I’m an Amateur


The leaves are singed a bit from being too close to the lights, so my solution this morning was to put Mistress Citrus under the light in the hood of the oven. Yes, I know this light is not ideal, but it is constant light all day without getting burned, so that’s something, right?  I’m really looking forward to putting her outside in a few weeks and letting Mother Nature take care of my lighting needs!

You can see new growth from where I cut the smaller leaves for clones (which aren’t doing very well but I’m still praying for them) and there is also new growth from where I topped her.

Tangerina is still skinny, weak, and sickly looking, but I’m nursing her along.   The last seed hasn’t sprouted yet – could this be the first Tangerine Dream dud?  If so, this plant right here is the only one out of ten seeds that truly made it.  I’m looking forward to taking clones from this one when I can so that I can grow my maximum of four legal plants.

If I have to I will buy more seeds.  I hear Northern Lights is one of the easiest to grow and great for beginners, so I’m inclined to go with that!



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