I’ve been wanting to cook with cannabis ever since I started regularly blazing.  I can tell my lungs are needing a break from smoking and I don’t have many medibles left, so I was wondering how I could make cannabutter or cannabis oil with less weed on my own.

While weed is legal in Oregon, only those with a medical marijuana card can buy the edibles right now, though I’m told this will change sometime between June and September.

Anyway, cannabutter and cannabis oil recipes typically call for a  lot of pot and I just won’t have that kind of quantity until I harvest my own.  I looked for other recipes online today and found one that seemed PERFECT – Firecrackers!

To sum it up, grind up your weed into teensy weensy bits (I used my Magic Bullet) and sprinkle it in between 2 saltines with natural peanut butter (no Jif or Skippy – it won’t work, you need all the natural oils for the THC to attach).  I used almond butter I ground from scratch myself at WinCo and ground up around 2 medium sized buds in the Magic Bullet, which was enough to make three Firecrackers.  I wrapped them in foil and baked them at 325 for 20 minutes.  It came out like this – and tasted great!


I decided to be brave and eat all three.  It’s a couple of hours later and lo and behold I’m starting to feel high. It usually takes me more like three hours for it to really kick in so I’m hoping this won’t knock me on my ass!

These firecrackers are a total game changer.  I can say with a great deal of certainty that this will be a snack I make every night after work for awhile 🙂  I’d rather just smoke the cannabis and feel the effects right away, but my lungs are unhappy with that at the moment and this is a wonderful, doable, tasty remedy!



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