The Current Family


The first image is Tangerina, who sprouted on February 16th.  You see why I call her my Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree?  I can’t bring myself to compost her.

The second image is a water clone from Mistress Citrus. who sprouted one week after Tangerina.  She was getting too tall, hitting the bottom of the hood of the oven (yes, this is a very amateur grow here!)  in retrospect I probably should have done a super crop move and bent that branch down, but hindsight is 20/20, right?   We’re on day 3 here I believe, praying she will root during the next month because at the end of April they are all going OUTSIDE and I’m really happy about this!  I will have my kitchen counter back!  At the moment it looks like I could become a future candidate for an episode of Hoarders!

The last large image is that of Mistress Citrus with her hair cut.  Yes, there’s stretch.  But she’s alive and healthy and once she is outside with a tomato cage around her I can really manipulate this process more easily!



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