Baked my first “cake”


Last week I picked up two boxes of Duncan Hines chocolate cake mixes at a discount grocery store I go to for 79¢ a box.  While I know that I can make a much better cake from scratch, the price was right, and it was perfect for making my first cannacake.  I’ll probably pick up more next time I’m there, actually 🙂

I used three servings of cannabis infused coconut oil I had prepared earlier in the week.  This is the equivalent to approximately three joints worth.  I used the 25 cent sativa dominant hybrid joints and some Blue Dream for it, so it’s a sativa cake.  I cut it up into 12 pieces and 90 minutes later I’m feeling it. Yay!   Hopefully it won’t knock me on my ass – this is the tricky part about edibles, so I will stick to making individual servings of cannaoil to help judge the potency of whatever I use it in.

I used the Vitamix to mix up the ingredients, which does a very thorough job, so I’m pretty sure the cannabis got evenly distributed in the batter.

Hope everyone is having a blazing weekend so far!



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