The G Slim Vape

I must officially be a stoner, because in 3.5 months I have acquired two pipes, one bong, and now a vape.

Based on some reviews I read I took a stab in the dark and went with the G Slim Vape. I just tried it for the first time, and I honestly don’t know what to think about vaping yet!  I could totally feel the potency on the inhale and I exhaled smoke.  I’m feeling the effects right away so I’m inclined to say you might get more bang for your buck with this?  It looks like an elegant ballpoint pen and it’s cool how discreet looking it is, and you charge it with a USB.  I giggle at the idea that my laptop can power my pipe!  It doesn’t hold a lot of ground herb, so some people might not prefer this model for that reason.  Also, after a couple of hits the amount I had put in the chamber was used up, and when I put it back in the charger the light went back to red, so you pretty much have to recharge this after each use.  This is fine if you just vape at home which is the case for me,  but for those who need more medication than a recreational user might want something else while out and about throughout the day.  I know that when I’m out and about and want to take a hit that I will take my regular pipe, not the vape.

[later, on July 8th, 2016] The G-Slim Vape for flower also totally works for the vape cartridge concentrates too.  Yay!  It’s been great having this one as a backup while the other one is charging!

I have touchy lungs so that’s why I bought a vape pen  to begin with and have been making edibles this past week.  Still, I gotta say, nothing beats a bong hit. Of all the mediums I’ve tried to date- pipe, blunt, vape, bong – I prefer the bong, actually, but it does make me cough.   I have a feeling I could favor vaping more later on after I’ve done it more. We’ll see.

It’s Friday, and at Glisan Buds on Fridays you can buy a joint for 25 cents.  I also have a weird crush on the young skinny goth with multiple facial piercings guy that works there.  On the menu today was Blue Magoo, a strain that is my friend’s number one favorite.  I trust her judgement and I seem to like blue anything pot wise so I got an eighth of that, and also two grams of Cherry Pie.   I look forward to becoming intimate with both of them!   Both are hybrids, which is cool, but lately I’m leaning toward wanting more indica strains to help me sleep during the week. I still have plenty of Mango and Blackberry Kush for that.

I’m almost embarrassed to say I have 6 kinds of weed at home right now and it will last me for a few months as I’m still somewhat of a lightweight.  I just love trying new (to me) strains and comparing the highs from them!   I guess I just need to toke more 🙂

Here’s to the weekend!   Looking forward to wake and bake tomorrow and having a cannabis infused coconut oil serving to add to my breakfast green smoothie!


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