Strain Review: Blue Magoo (Bmg)

My longtime stoner friend said that her favorite strain was Blue Magoo, so when I saw this on the menu at Glisan Buds I knew I had to go get some!

Blue Magoo smells like blueberry and dirt, like over ripe blueberries fallen and squished on the forest floor after a warm summer rain.  Mmmm tasty!!  This afternoon I started to vape some Blue Magoo, and have been running on even keel all day.

This hybrid strain renders a nice, smooth, even high that says “classy” to me.  An all purpose, crowd pleasing weed for sure!   The particular bud I bought is having a more sativa than indica type effect on me.   Many have said that Blue Magoo gave them the munchies but it didn’t have this effect on me.

Would I buy it again?  Probably not.  There are so many other blueberry strains out there to try still!


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