3 Solid Plants

Top left is Mistress Citrus, the original plant.  From her I took two clones.  The first clone I left with root hormone in water for a week or so.  I saw that roots were starting, so I put her in soil two days ago.  She seems to be fine!

I decided to do another water clone because I want to grow my maximum of four legal plants this season and I am out of seeds.  Water Clone 2 is doing fine as did Water Clone 1, so in a week or so I’ll put her in soil too.  I have a large branch of Mistress Citrus hitting the top of my oven hood light source and will probably take a third clipping for the last clone. Poor thing keeps getting chopped up, but she will too be put in the ground and can grow bushy and tall with less trimming from me til she flowers.

God I’d be so thrilled if any of these plants made it to harvest.   Cannabis is such good medicine.  It has helped me quite a bit with depression and some ocd behaviors I have along with insomnia.  It has also helped me as an artist to not be so overly critical of myself and to let go and give into the creative process.




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