Strain Review: Cherry Pie (Cp)

The last time I was at Glisan Buds I picked up both Blue Magoo and Cherry Pie.  There is a distinct cherry aroma sniffin the bud in the jar, and when I took a hit of Cherry Pie from the bong the exhale indeed tasted yummy, like cherry!

The high?  It’s really hard to pinpoint any special quality to it other than it’s nice, like being high usually is.  I feel a wave of contentment wash over me, no sleepiness, no munchies, just…peace.

I probably use the rest of this bud in cooking, as I’ve been making a lot of edibles lately in an effort to give my lungs a break, plus I just like the slow body high of the edibles.  Cherry Pie is a very nice hybrid strain that is good for both enjoying the present moment and relaxing.  Very nice!



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