Medible Review: Wyld Raspberry and Blackberry Gummies


These gummies are THE BEST edibles I’ve had to date!  Wyld raspberry gummies are sativa, and the blackberry ones are the indica.  These are STRONG!  Do not take more than one unless you have a helluva tolerance built up.   Each candy has approximately 23 mg of THC.

They are delicious, though you can totally taste the cannabis in them which is a turnoff for some.  I don’t mind the taste.  I would buy these gummies to eat if they didn’t have cannabis in them, they have a lovely look and texture to them, a joy to savor and chew on. A big thumbs up!

Each box comes with 4 candies.  The small candies are convenient to put in your purse or pocket to discreetly enjoy while out and about.


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