Strain Review: Afgoo (Afo)

I went to the dispensary and told the budtender I wanted something to knock me out / help me sleep. I picked up 2 new (to me) indica strains last night – Afgoo and Grandaddy Blueberry Purps. I tried the Afgoo last night and it’s WONDERFUL. The smell and taste isn’t as pronounced as some other strains, I’d say it’s a mix of grape and pine with some earth thrown in.   The cozy, warm, relaxing powers of this herb make this a new favorite. I colored for about an hour then went to bed where another wave of relaxation washed over me, and I fell fast asleep for 8.5 hours. I will try the Granddaddy Blueberry Purps tonite! It supposedly knocks you out for sleep and smells fantastic!

When I first started smoking weed on a regular basis in January I assumed I was more of a sativa gal, but the truth is I’m pretty hyper/high strung/ocd/wired on my own and most of the time I need help winding down.  More and more I’m going for pure indica strains and fewer sativas and hybrids.  I LIKE relaxing and happily drifting off to sleep.  Unlike alcohol, no calories, no hangover,  restful as opposed to fitful sleep…wonderful medicine it is!

People claim this strain gives them the big time munchies – this didn’t happen to me last night but time will tell.


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