Strain Review: Granddaddy Blueberry Purps

Granddaddy Blueberry Purps is supposedly an indica dominant hybrid but my experience with it this has been that it is about right in the middle.  The high is nice.  I felt relaxed but not sleepy so I could enjoy the cerebral quality of this strain too.   Note:  the sensation can creep up on you, so don’t overdo it too much at once!

THC 23.49%    CBD .01%

When I vaped GBP the exhale tasted like lavender – VERY nice!   Would I buy this again? [later, 7/12/16   As a matter of fact I picked this up again.  It smells like pure blueberry and tastes so good I couldn’t pass it up when it made its way back to the Oregon Grown Gift Shop.  I like it even better the second time around. I had already vaped some Hawaiian Skunk concentrate but wanted to wind down with flower and this one came on strong with a layer of indica relaxation that wasn’t there before.

I’m guessing this is a new or local only strain because Granddaddy Blueberry Purps isn’t on Leafly.  That’s too bad, because it is a really great strain that should be enjoyed nation and world wide!



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