Tuesday 5/3/16 – Clone 1 is outside!


It might not have been the best plan because it’s going to rain in a bit.  I hope she won’t drown or be too over watered!   I have my official Fox Farms nutes and am ready to move forward.

It was exciting for me to see her abundant roots!  I put the three other water clones in soil today, and in a couple of weeks when their roots become more established they too will be outside.  I have decided to keep the mother of all these clones, Mistress Citrus, inside until she dies.  I can keep making clones forever and ever if I play my cards right, right??  I belong to a clone group on Facebook and was thinking I might make a trade with someone at some point.

And hey, I might wind up thinking that Tangerine Dream is the best strain ever bred and want to keep cultivating it.  It would be a free plant source for me next year.

Hoping that these three do fine in these pots as did Clone 1.


It will be fun to come home and run back to the flowerbeds and check up on Clone 1 after work each day!  Her roots will have no bounds now, and she can really grow tall and stretch her branches!

I’m also really looking forward to using the cannabis leaves in my daily green smoothies because they are nutritious, abundant, and of course free 🙂


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