Strain Review: Star Master Kush (Smk)

So I went to Glisan Buds after work. Cute Goth Guy wasn’t working today; I got Emaciated Vegan Hippy Guy instead, and that was fine too. He talked me into getting an 8th of the Vanilla Kush, which was selling fast because it has 27.69% THC and .74% CBD. Indeed, it smells like vanilla with the usual yummy skunk aroma. Sold!
I got 2 grams of Star Master Kush because it has some similar parents as Critical Sensei Star, a favorite I tried at a friend’s house.
Star Master Kush smells the BEST of any bud I’ve smelled to date! It smells almost sickly sweet of lime and grape, like Jolly Ranchers! This is the flower I chose to experience tonite, via both bong and vape.
I was surprised the exhale didn’t taste as great as it smelled. It tasted fine, but not exceptional like I thought it would and like some strains do. I’m enjoying the high very much! I’m very relaxed but not nodding off to sleep either. Not yet, anyway! I give this one high marks and would totally buy again.

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