Strain Review: Vanilla Kush (Van)

This morning I wake and baked with Vanilla Kush.  It was pricey, but that’s because it’s 27.69%  THC.  It smells sublime – like vanilla and dank skunk.  It’s a potent strain, and I am very pleasantly high and HAPPY this morning.  I really like this strain!

I also got my period (five days late) this morning, and it was a stronger one than normal. This medicine really helped with the cramping and general malaise.  I’m chillin’ like a villain and am not perturbed that the dishes are piling up in the sink..

Vanilla Kush is an indica strain, and I’m discovering I prefer indicas over sativas.  Both are wonderful and have their places, but I love being relaxed into couch lock and able to slip off into sleep.

I would totally buy Vanilla Kush again.  I really got lucky this visit to the dispensary because both strains I picked up I would buy again, which is rare.


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