Last Night’s Trip with Kief

Okay, I’ve been high and I’ve been stoned, and I’ve even overdone it like we all have and gone straight to bed and passed out.  However, I would say that last night I experienced my first real trip, something otherworldly.

This weekend I made 2 magic green smoothies with the usual cannabis infused coconut oil to enjoy later on in the week after work, but this time I added quite a bit of kief that had been accumulating in the designated Magic Bullet weed grinder cup.  This was my first experience with kief, and of course that jacked up the THC content in my smoothie.  I had a beer and also a hit of Girl Scout Cookies beforehand, not knowing that the smoothie would have been more than enough.

Around an hour later I could feel waves of  sleepy seduction quickly wash over me, and I knew I needed to go lie down right away because I was pretty sure that in a matter of minutes I wouldn’t be able to walk in a straight line anymore!  The fact I had only consumed a protein shake and a couple of eggs for breakfast that day  only intensified all of this.

It was only 6:00 pm and still light outside for another couple of hours yet.  I wasn’t sleepy  but I had to keep my eyes closed because the room was spinning when I opened them, and couch lock was setting in.  I was so relaxed and happy in spite of feeling vulnerable lying there helpless and practically unable to move like that.  I had a terrible case of cotton mouth, but didn’t have the energy or sobriety to walk to the bathroom and get a drink of water so I willed my mouth to salivate, and that helped a little. I didn’t listen to music or anything, I just lay there in silence and let myself be open to the experience.  At first in my mind’s eye I saw animated gif like geometric patterns that were kaleidoscoping at a fast rate, but around a half hour later as my body sank into the mattress and I entered a sensual dream state that was in part my own creative making but also that of an outside presence participating with me, and it felt soooo good.  I felt loved and protected by a knowing and nonjudgmental being, and my genitalia were hyper sensitive (so you know where that led..)

I lay in bed like this for several sensual hours before I fell asleep normally, and I didn’t get up until 6:00 am this morning.  11.5 hours sleep does a body good!

I have one more of these smoothies in the freezer, and now that I realize how special this elixir is I want to plan ahead for the next trip – like having a glass of water (and some toys!) near the bedside for one thing.  I hope that the same warm loving Voice will be there.




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