It’s Friday Eve

I’m already amp’d to get new strains tomorrow on 25 cent joint Friday at the dispensary I go to!  This time I’m going with Gogi OG, which sounds like a fragrant and stimulating sativa, and Blue Chunk, a most wondrous indica. Blue Chunk was the 2nd strain I ever bought/tried, and is probably my #1 favorite to date. It smells like blueberry cheesecake, and it’s like being awake in a dream. I’m curious to see if it still is my favorite strain after tomorrow now that I’ve tried so many more strains since (I’ve only been using cannabis since January) Other faves to date are Me Off Kush (sativa, gave me the giggles) Girl Scout Cookies for the happy and potency, and Critical Sensei Star for a lovely couch lock.

Also next to this dispensary is a terrific pizza joint, a large slice and a pint of Pfreim IPA for just $5, which completes the experience and nicely commemorates the end of another work week.

Last night I had another magic smoothie, which put me to happy sleep.  Since I’ve been using cannabis I have slept better than I have in my life and I feel so good!  It’s helped me with my insomnia, depression, and OCD tremendously.


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