Reunited with Blue Chunk


I’m a happy camper!  Tonite my budtender was my crush, Goth Boy, and he worked it out so I got the best deal. I’ve never kissed a man with 4 lip piercings before, but I’d love to test it out on him!!!

My favorite strain of all time has been the 2nd strain I ever bought, Blue Chunk, and they had it again at Glisan Buds. Four months and many other strains later, would it still be as good?

The answer is YES. I just had a bong hit and oh my Love, You have returned…Blue Chunk shares some of the same parentage as Blue Cheese. It smells literally like blueberry cheesecake and the indica dominant hybrid relaxes and puts you in a dream state without putting you to sleep so you ride that magic carpet for an hour or two still before going to bed. I gotta say, it is the most romantic of strains I’ve smoked so far.  I really need to see where I can buy seeds of this for next year!

The only drawback for a bigger girl like me:  it gives me a terrible case of the munchies ever single time, worse than any other strain I’ve tried!

I got 2 grams of Gogi OG, which has 1.4% CBD and 23.5 % THC. It smells wonderful and is a sativa, so I’ll wake and bake with it tomorrow.  Gogi OG is reportedly an aphrodisiac, so I’m stoked to experiment with it tomorrow!

The 25 cent donation joint is CBD-A 1.7% and THC 25.68%. Nice! I always use the joints for my cannaoil and specifically get my weed on Fridays for the 25 cent joint special (with purchase, and alas you can only buy one LOL)

Hope everyone has a most UPLIFTED weekend!


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