Strain Review: Goji OG (Goj)

Since I mostly buy indica strains it was fun for me to pick out a sativa this week, so I went with Goji OG.

Goji OG smells sweet, like tropical punch with licorice.  Yum! Mine tested out at CBD 1.4% and THC 23.5%.  This Saturday morning I chose to wake and bake with Goji OG and I enjoyed it.

I wish there was more I could say about Goji OG.  Some on Leafly report that it was an aphrodisiac, which is the main reason I picked it up, but I didn’t find this strain to be any more or less seductive than any other strain.  It smells very nice and has a pleasant head high but nothing really stood out about it to me.  I give it average marks, and since the rest of the strains I have are more noteworthy, Goji OG will be what I use with edibles this week.



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