Clone 1 Still Doing Well Outside


Two more will join her outside next week sometime once it warms up again.  I enjoy checking in on Clone 1 twice a day.  She is doing great so far and is growing, but of course I’m dying to see my girls get significantly big, with huge leaves.  My girls are still in the early stage of veg.  What will they be like in August, provided no one steals them?

My latest revelation is that smoothies made with cannabis and kief infused in coconut oil is bomb!  Before I had made my smoothies with just the cannabis infused in coconut oil, but I noticed a lot of kief building up in my grinder and Magic Bullet cup and decided to scrape it off and use it.

The 2 smoothies made with this concoction put me in a really stoned and happy state.  I had to lie down, mind you, or I wouldn’t have been able to stand or sit upright. I hope I can recreate this concoction sooner than later 🙂 It’s so arousing and romantic when Mr. Ganja takes me by the hand..


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