Clone 2 Waves Hello + Cannabis Ruderalis


She and her sister go outside on Sunday.

So I daydream all the time about Croptober and harvesting all the bulging colas that these ladies grow for me.  I also worry that they will get stolen.  Now I have the parent plant inside (Mistress Citrus) and I hope to keep her as a permanent clone maker and use her again next year.  Growing her to flower inside my house isn’t practical, as the Tangerine Dream strain can grow tall and I don’t have an indoor grow room setup, nor do I want one.  I’m more than pleased how my kitchen halogens and oven light are working!  Perfect for the amateur that I am!

I’ve been having so much fun with this new hobby that I worry I may also be a bit sad once my outdoor plants are harvested.  It’s fun watching the baby Maui Wowies germinate and grow!

This got me thinking about growing Cannabis Ruderalis (auto fem) in the winter time. They have evolved and been bred to flower by a certain time, and the advantage for me is that the ruderalis don’t get very tall, three feet at the most it seems.  The THC seems to be lower for most ruderalis strains, but I did find a supposedly potent blueberry one at Southern Oregon Seeds’ website.  It would at the very least give me a new growing experience.

I love cannabis 🙂


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