They Left the Nest!

In order are Clones 1, 2, and 3.  Clone 1 has grown quite a bit this last week outside, and while she is taller than the others, overall I’d say Clone 2 is the strongest and healthiest looking of the three.  Clone 3 is in a large ceramic pot because I didn’t quite have room for one more in the flower beds, and I also wanted a different environment in case the other two plants come down with an infestation that somehow skips the potted plant.  I like that I can see potted Clone 3 from my living room.

I’m proud that I’ve gotten this far!  In my opinion the hardest part is over because they are strong and healthy and about to get big really soon.  It will be fun training the branches, topping some leaves, then eventually lollipopping them!   I will have a lot of healthy green smoothies from the lower leaves, cannabutter from the sugar leaves, not to mention harvest time nugs!   I hope that Tangerine Dream will be available at one of my dispensaries so that I can compare the product of a professional grower compared to mine.  I did that with a friend’s Mango, and that was fun!  Of course the professional one was better, but hers wasn’t bad at all!   I bet in 10 years cannabis will be in at least half of  Portland’s gardens!



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