Strain Review: UK Cheese (Uk)

My plans for tonite canceled and I was a little bummed, so I went to get a bite to eat near me in the ‘hood.  On the way back is I pass by the Oregon Grown Gift Shop, the dispensary that is closest to me. They had a special going on 4 strains, and I had just enough for 3.5 grams of UK Cheese (which came to $20) and it smells out of this world, like a rich blueberry cheesecake! It tested at 15.02% THC and .16% CBD but it’s feeling more potent than that to me. I can tell this one will be a favorite. The high has the best of both the sativa and indica world. I’m relaxed and in for the night but can still work on Art and take in a movie too without dozing off. In short – it’s kind of dreamy! I really don’t want to let this weekend go!

I find the THC %s on the label interesting.  The Vanilla Kush I had was over 27% but didn’t feel as strong or as enjoyable as this one.  I’m learning to place less importance on the THC content.  I’m sure the % is accurate but each strain produces a unique effect and that’s more important to me.


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