Strain Review: OG Afgan

Tonite I toked on some OG Afgan, not having any real expectations. The budtender had suggested it since they were out of Zkittles, which was my first choice. OG Afgan isn’t listed as of yet on Leafly. The label says it tested at 23.08% THC and .38% CBD.
This is an indica that like many others smells like grape and earth.  The high is noticeably heavy, like gravity is turned up a notch and my body is suctioned tighter to the ground. 
It is making me quite sleepy, as a matter of fact. Other indicas may relax me to couch lock, but OG Afgan is proving to be a veritable sleeping pill. Yay! I’ve been looking for a strain that will send me quickly off to Never Never Land

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