Strain Review: Strawberry Cough (Sc)

I must say, I’m very impressed with Strawberry Cough! It did sizzle on down on the inhale, so it is aptly named. The smell and taste is undisputedly strawberry, and smell and taste are a big factor with me, so high marks here!   It was only $7 a gram so I got 3.5 grams of it. It only tested at 11.8 % THC and .2 % CBD, but it was potent to me nonetheless.  As I understand it there are dozens of other factors to consider but these are the only ones that are required to be on the label, so who knows, maybe some other magic properties in cannabis make us high besides just THC. Anyway, I’ve learned to not go entirely off the THC % when choosing a strain to buy; Reading Leafly reviews can be more helpful!

I am getting plenty high off Strawberry Cough, and since I don’t usually smoke sativas, this is a fun change! I would say that I am alert and my visual sense is heightened. Colors and shapes figure more prominently than normal. Nice!

I did pick up the J1 tonite as well, and look forward to experiencing that soon!


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