Strain Review: Golden Pineapple (Gp)

I decided to check out the new dispensary that opened by the gym.  Their prices are on the high side but they have different strains than the other two I go to.  I just toked on some Golden Pineapple, and I liking it!  I can’t stop smiling!   Mine tested at 23.83% THC and .12%  CBD.  It takes a good 20 minutes after inhaling to really feel it, and then it really kicks in!

Today is Saturday, the perfect day for a sativa dominant hybrid.  Golden Pineapple smells wonderfully tropical like pineapple, and is kind of harsh going down on the inhale, like Strawberry Cough.  It doesn’t really taste like pineapple, but that’s okay, because the high is strong, and good.   It’s uplifting and positive, great for daytime use as I’m not feeling any overt relaxation here, just a nice head high.

Hope everyone’s Memorial Day weekend is off to a good start!



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