All 4 Girls Outside!

At the top left is beaten up, used for clones, Mistress Citrus.  She is the only one that ultimately survived from my packets of seeds, and is the mom of the other three!   I have two clones inside the house in water and I’m going to keep making water clones and keep them in perpetual veg until next season and then trade for other strains, or just plant four Tangerine Dreams again 🙂

The second photo is Clone 1.  She is the tallest but not necessarily the strongest looking  Someone on a forum said that Tangerine Dream starts out looking like an indica, but then later looks like a sativa.  I see this is true; Clone 1’s biggest leaf (picture #3) has slender fingers, and the other leaves have fat fingers.  I can’t wait to see all four plants mature!

On the bottom are Clones 2 and 3.  Clone 2 is in the ground and looking very strong and healthy, as is Clone 3, who is in a pot like Mistress Citrus.

It may only be June 1st, but it’s weather wise officially summer in Portland, Oregon, and I can just tell my wittle maui wowies are very happy!  I’ve been using Fox Farms nutes, specifically the Grow Big for now, about once a week.  I will probably cry at the first sign of flower 🙂



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