Edibles Available to Rec Users in Oregon Starting Tomorrow

I thought I’d be excited about edibles being available now to rec users in Oregon, but when I learned what the THC limits were on them it’s like, why bother.  Washington and Colorado’s amounts are double Oregon’s for recreational users 😦  WANH! Hoping that in time that will change, so for now I’m sticking to flower.  If all goes well I will have a successful harvest and will be able to make my own really good cannabutter and cannaoil!

I’ve been trying to vape more instead of using the bong, and what’s great about vaping is a little weed goes a really long way.  You get more bang for your buck vaping over pipe and bong smoking, imo.   It does taste cleaner..

In my zest for trying new strains I have enough weed to last me a pretty long time now, especially if I keep vaping and not making edibles with it.  So, no new strain reviews for awhile!  The suspense will eat at me, for sure. The good news is I really like what I have on hand right now :

1. J1
2. Girl Scout Cookies
3. Golden Pineapple
4. Blue Chunk
5. UK Cheese
6. Bloodwreck
7. Obama Kush


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